неділя, 25 жовтня 2015 р.

вівторок, 20 жовтня 2015 р.


First day after moving to Klaipėda I explored the northern side of the city, Pajūrio regional park, surroundings of Karklė and seaside.

Klaipėda University

неділя, 11 жовтня 2015 р.

Vulpus vulpus

Today I have finally captured red fox on a photocamera. I spotted him or her lots of times in the forest nearby my house. But today I manage to make few pics of the animal during my afternoon walk near the lake.

Paplatelė forest

Yesterday me & my bicycle explored eastern side of Plateliai lake, at Paplatelė woods. Hilly forest, tiny paths almost disappearing in the woods, springs, rivers and ravines, birds and anthouses.

вівторок, 6 жовтня 2015 р.

Šiauliai - Kurtuvėnai

During the weekend I made a short trip to Šiauliai city and Kurtuvėnai village, visiting my friends volunteers.

Kurtuvėnų dvaro svirnas

Hiking up into Lithuanian mountains, lol

Šiauliai can be seen.

четвер, 1 жовтня 2015 р.

Hitchhiking from Elektrėnai to Plateliai

On Sunday morning I started my hitchhiking trip back to Plateliai, that's about 260km. My first car driver Alvidas took me to Kaunas outskirts and gave me some herb tea and cedar nuts as a present. I crossed bridge over Neris, visited memory park Devintas Fortas and continued. When I was 60km to my goal I got stuck in small village, worse - it was raining with hail twice. After 2 hours of standing by the road the limo stopped for me. Yes, I hitchhiked a limo, literally. Crazy, the guys inside gave me a lift straight to my village and went on with their party. Unbelievable experience.

вівторок, 29 вересня 2015 р.

Day in Žemaitija National Park

We made this video about natural environment of Žemaitija National Park with José and Laima.


On Saturday morning I hitchhiked from Varėna to Elektrėnai. This is new city built next to the largest electrical plant in Lithuania.

Elektrėnų Švč. Mergelės Marijos Kankinių Karalienės bažnyčia

Ice hockey arena

понеділок, 28 вересня 2015 р.


During the weekend I explored Dzūkija, southern side of Lithuania. I visited opening of the new visitor's centre of Dzūkija National Park, where my friends work.

Čepkeliai marshes 

The largest swampy territories in Lithuania, natural reserve.

Typical Dzūkija village 

Varėna, mushroom capital of Lithuania 

Senoji Varėna 

Preparation for the mushroom fest in Varėna.