середа, 29 квітня 2015 р.

April 27-28-29.

On Monday after the Lithuanian language and finishing 1st stage report we had our language lessons - Spanish and Ukrainian.
On Tuesday I worked in Cold War museum.
Today, on Wednesday, we had our countries' presentations in three school classes, Lithuanian language lesson, and helped the guys from school to make film about game Ripka.

субота, 25 квітня 2015 р.

Bike travel

Made first middle distance bicycle travel in Žemaitija. We went from Plateliai to Mikytai, Gegrenai, Žemajčiu Kalvarija and back home. We visited castle hills in Mikytai and Gegrenai, mythological stone in Mikytai and nice town of Žemajčiu Kalvarija, its cemetery hills, river Varduva and 17 century church. On our way back visited energetic labyrinth and geometry figures park near Likšai.

пʼятниця, 24 квітня 2015 р.

Žemaitijos Nacionalinis Parkas birthday

Today, at the birthday of our park,  we had open doors day. It included presentations of the park direction, Klaipeda university and scientist-archeologist. I liked the archeological presentation most, it was about the remnants of old castle at the island and bridge to it from old Plateliai. Besides, we had tours in the park and story telling session at school. We read fairy tales in Ukrainian and Spanish languages.
After all the official events šašlikai time has come.

четвер, 23 квітня 2015 р.

April, 23rd.

Today after Lithuanian language lesson we went to work in the forest. We were cutting the old fallen trees with a chainsaw and chopping the firewood by the axe.

понеділок, 20 квітня 2015 р.

неділя, 19 квітня 2015 р.

Žemaitijos MTB Taurė

Today I took part in the Lithuanian mountain bike competition "Žemaitijos MTB Taurė". I have never tried mtb races before, so for me it was hard. But, at least, I was not the last, I was 56th with a result of 1 hour and 55 minutes. By the way, the third was a famous retired lithuanian racer Tomas Vaitkus, who won one stage of Giro d'Italia in 2006.

пʼятниця, 17 квітня 2015 р.

April, 17th.

Today I went to my work at Cold War museum in Plokštinė by bicycle. On my way home I explored some trails in the forest, found two small lakes. In the afternoon, on my way from home to the gym, I saw two young roes in 100 meters from the place I live. Nature is all around.

April 15-16.

Yesterday the National park direction organized cleaning of the lake shore. There was a lo of rubbish on the beaches and in the water as well. After we had barbeque in the forest.

вівторок, 14 квітня 2015 р.

April, 14th.

Today I was working in the forest inspecting the geocatching competition route "In search of the nature's secrets". We went through the quest, collecting all the check-point boxes for repairment and trying out the best ways of conducting the quest. During the work I learned a lot about orientation in the forest by observing the trees, special marks and animal life's tracks.

субота, 11 квітня 2015 р.

Saturday, 11.04

In the morning I went to the Šaltojo Karo Muziejus for the tour with Italian militants. After we took the bicycles and made a big tour around interesting places near Plateliai and Beržoras.

пʼятниця, 10 квітня 2015 р.

четвер, 9 квітня 2015 р.


If you suppose, that basketball is the national Lithuanian sport, I have bad news for you. Of course, nowadays it is crowd-pleasing and you can hardly find a yard in Lithuanian village without a basket for playing basketball. But, classical and historical game for this country is ritinys or ripka.

Lithuanians started to play it about 500 years ago. The player uses big stick as in ice hockey made of birch tree. With this "lazda" one should catch or stop a rubber disc "ripka", which is thrown by the opponents. Step by step the teams move towards one of the goal post, and if you are catching the disc or throw it not really good, the opponent will take the advantage and if the disc after their throw crosses your goal line - they get points.

Today we played with members of Plateliai junior team, who were the champions of Lithuania in ritinys in their age division.

середа, 8 квітня 2015 р.

7-8 of April

Yesterday we presented our countries in the Ethnographic museum in Plateliai, today we were visited by our coordinators, who brought us one bicycle. The bike needs repairement of the loose chain. And still we need to buy the second bicycle, so both of us can have one. Finished the day with a 5,5 km run in Šeirės forest.

неділя, 5 квітня 2015 р.

Hitchhiking to Palanga and Klaipėda.

Weather forecast on Friday was not very optimistic about the weekend. But nevertheless I decided not to stay in Plateliai and went by hitchhiking to the seaside. In the morning I was picked to the highway at Plungė by the oldman, whom I already know, because 2 weeks ago he also helped us to get from Babrungenai to our home.
After 15 minutes at the highway I was picked up by the man, who was heading straight to Palanga, which was perfect for me. The guy was half-Ukrainian and was telling me about his experiences during visiting Ukraine. In Palanga I found the main walking street Basanavičius that conducted me to the pier on the sea. There was windy, naturally. At least I saw the Baltic Sea after a year again. Palanga seems like typical coastline touristic town - lots of restaurants, hotels and shops for summertime visitors. Locals say, that it would be overcrowded in about 2 months, but now Palanga is still sleeping.
5 km as a minimum I walked from the seaside to the highway that leads to Klaipėda, my next destination. I was walking along the road, trying to catch a car. But my attention stuck to the big rainy clouds. Fortunately, rain started only when I was picked by Vladas on BMW. He  was speaking only Lithuanian, neither English nor russian. So, that was my practice time, I tried to understand something he was telling me and to answer him in Lithuanian. Vladas left me near Akropolis, the largest shopping mall in Klaipėda, from where I went to a very cosy German-style old town. In the afternoon I met a volunteer from Greece, Stefania, and a local guy, Artur "with Ukrainian last name". We went to Stefania's place and cooked Lithuanian dish cepelinai. It was amazing. 
Today in the morning we went to the port and explored new places in the city. After that I went on a train to Plungė, from where (thanks to a family of my coworker at ŽNP) successfully hitchhiked back home.

пʼятниця, 3 квітня 2015 р.

2-3 of April.

It was snowing yesterday.
Today I went to the Cold War museum, where spent a whole day. Unique place for Baltic. The next week I will practice there and later work with the tourists.