неділя, 5 квітня 2015 р.

Hitchhiking to Palanga and Klaipėda.

Weather forecast on Friday was not very optimistic about the weekend. But nevertheless I decided not to stay in Plateliai and went by hitchhiking to the seaside. In the morning I was picked to the highway at Plungė by the oldman, whom I already know, because 2 weeks ago he also helped us to get from Babrungenai to our home.
After 15 minutes at the highway I was picked up by the man, who was heading straight to Palanga, which was perfect for me. The guy was half-Ukrainian and was telling me about his experiences during visiting Ukraine. In Palanga I found the main walking street Basanavičius that conducted me to the pier on the sea. There was windy, naturally. At least I saw the Baltic Sea after a year again. Palanga seems like typical coastline touristic town - lots of restaurants, hotels and shops for summertime visitors. Locals say, that it would be overcrowded in about 2 months, but now Palanga is still sleeping.
5 km as a minimum I walked from the seaside to the highway that leads to Klaipėda, my next destination. I was walking along the road, trying to catch a car. But my attention stuck to the big rainy clouds. Fortunately, rain started only when I was picked by Vladas on BMW. He  was speaking only Lithuanian, neither English nor russian. So, that was my practice time, I tried to understand something he was telling me and to answer him in Lithuanian. Vladas left me near Akropolis, the largest shopping mall in Klaipėda, from where I went to a very cosy German-style old town. In the afternoon I met a volunteer from Greece, Stefania, and a local guy, Artur "with Ukrainian last name". We went to Stefania's place and cooked Lithuanian dish cepelinai. It was amazing. 
Today in the morning we went to the port and explored new places in the city. After that I went on a train to Plungė, from where (thanks to a family of my coworker at ŽNP) successfully hitchhiked back home.

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