неділя, 25 жовтня 2015 р.

вівторок, 20 жовтня 2015 р.


First day after moving to Klaipėda I explored the northern side of the city, Pajūrio regional park, surroundings of Karklė and seaside.

Klaipėda University

неділя, 11 жовтня 2015 р.

Vulpus vulpus

Today I have finally captured red fox on a photocamera. I spotted him or her lots of times in the forest nearby my house. But today I manage to make few pics of the animal during my afternoon walk near the lake.

Paplatelė forest

Yesterday me & my bicycle explored eastern side of Plateliai lake, at Paplatelė woods. Hilly forest, tiny paths almost disappearing in the woods, springs, rivers and ravines, birds and anthouses.

вівторок, 6 жовтня 2015 р.

Šiauliai - Kurtuvėnai

During the weekend I made a short trip to Šiauliai city and Kurtuvėnai village, visiting my friends volunteers.

Kurtuvėnų dvaro svirnas

Hiking up into Lithuanian mountains, lol

Šiauliai can be seen.

четвер, 1 жовтня 2015 р.

Hitchhiking from Elektrėnai to Plateliai

On Sunday morning I started my hitchhiking trip back to Plateliai, that's about 260km. My first car driver Alvidas took me to Kaunas outskirts and gave me some herb tea and cedar nuts as a present. I crossed bridge over Neris, visited memory park Devintas Fortas and continued. When I was 60km to my goal I got stuck in small village, worse - it was raining with hail twice. After 2 hours of standing by the road the limo stopped for me. Yes, I hitchhiked a limo, literally. Crazy, the guys inside gave me a lift straight to my village and went on with their party. Unbelievable experience.