пʼятниця, 20 березня 2015 р.

Earth day.

Today Plateliai Gimnazija celebrated the Earth Day. Of course, me and José joined. We went to school, where they had the competition of the best birdhouse made by school students. After all the students went on the Earth Day parade, even the children from kindergarten took part in it. Students were playing bells and drums, carrying handmade symbols if earth erc.
Then we went to the office to work on our countries presentations. After we had to сhose some representative song and help the school music band to play and sing it, because in a week they're going to have a concert including one Ukrainian and one Spanish song.
I prepared 3 song for them to chose:

Predictably, the've chosen "Chervona ruta", which I also really enjoy.
Finally, I had a middle distance run in the Šeirės forest for 5km.

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