неділя, 17 травня 2015 р.

Kaunas 14-17.05

On Thursday we went to Kaunas for taking part in the Plants Day at Kaunas Botanical garden. But, of course, that was just the official reason, because the event itself took place just on one day, the rest of time we were enjoying the city. Straight after arriving I went to play basketball with other volunteers, after I visited football match of Lithuanian league Stumbras vs Trakai. These days they have also street music days, so there were lots of bands and musicians playing live in the streets during all 3 days. On Friday we went to the Plants day, that started with demonstration in Kaunas old town. Then we went to the botanical garden where spend the rest of the day, exploring the territories and the greenhouses, learning how to use microscope and finding out about edible wild plants. On Saturday Kaunas was full of tourists, in the evening during the museum night we went to the museums of musical instruments, museum of sports and circus museum.

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